It's a new war, and all of us must help fight. I'm just not sure what it is about, but I had a good idea what it could be.  I think greatly (and I know you don't side with me) that it could be, just might be, a World War III. Those of you who are daft, there are only 2 world wars, and this one might be the 3rd. No, I'm not full of shit. I'm not sure and this might not happen! Don't get scared and run around telling people there's gonna be another war. This is only my prediction. Why do I think this? Well, history repeats itself all the time. I've seen. You've seen. You may not think you've seen, but you have. Seasons repeat don't that? You do the same thing everyday. A cycle. Rain, bugs, you! You were a baby and a toddle, and child. The person beside you did that. Now with history. We had the KKK and Nazis, right? Well they always seem to get high then fall, high, fall, high, fall. Well they already fell, and now they've got new weapons. It's time for them to rise again. It'll be harder to kick them down this time. (Prediction! That might not be the only ones fighting) This will spark the war. The sad part is that we (U.S.) can't take it. No war can we take. It's not that we can't be strong physically, but metally. We are weak as jellyfish. I watched the war, (not the one I'm talking about in this essay, but other ones, Iraq for example) we were fired up and wanted to go to war! Then we wanted to pull back! Really early in my mind. Make no mistake, my brother was there! I love him much, if he died he died with honor in my mind. I told my father I wanted him to stay. I lied to myself, but kind of didn't. We (Pft, you!) started begging for our troops to come back. I know hearts hurt and I have one of those things....what are they again? Oh yeah hearts. I have one, and believe it or not it beats! All jokes aside, I know the pain of a loved one dying. The point, we can't have another war. We are weak in mind, or is the point our new generation needs to be stronger, or is it that we're gonna have a war and Uncle Sam needs us again?

Ok, READ THIS. There is not a Were v.s Vamp war going on RIGHT NOW! How would that be done, besides underground? It couldn't be done. Humans would know if we were at war with them aye? There is hatred to each other, and there is killing UNDERGROUND. I do not call that a real war. Maybe an UNDERGROUND war, but no not a real war. Not yet anyways. Everything is wrapped, underground. Nothing is done in daylight. All under the moon is all the fighhting done. By night you can call it a "half" war. Get it. It's not an all out kill your enemy as soon as you see them thing yet.

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