Unlike the last E-Book, 'Werewolves By The Werewolf Wanderer', I did have a copy of this book. Father gave to me a copy, which I now present to you.

I dedicate this in memory of my Mediate, Werewolf Smoker(HIP), and my Werewolf Brother, Werewolf Joe (HIP).

Section I
No Werewolf shall ever befriend a vamp.

Section II
No Werewolf shall ever befriend any evil person.

Section III
All Werewolves shall, as possible, aid & abet their brethren.

Section IV
No one who has betrayed a Werewolf shall ever find safety nor sanctuary by any Werewolf.

Section V
Hierarchy shall be: A werewolf, A pack led by an Alpha; Clan of at least 3 packs, but no more than 10, lead by a Duke; Tribe of at least 5 Clans but not more 10, lead by an Elder; Nation led by a Khan; and the Empire (†), lead by the Emperor.

---† Werewolf Tobias note: "Empire" is the ultimate worldwide Werewolf organization. "Nation" has absolutely no bearing on the Human geo-political boundaries whatsoever.

Section VI
No werewolf shall ever kill another Werewolf, nor a Dragon, nor a Human, except in self defense.

Section VII
All Werewolves shall endeavor to support their Pack and their Pack's House.

Section VIII
A Werewolf House or "Pack House" shall be a house, built upon land, with an out-building and space for the Pack, an armory and arsenal, and a car (carriage).

Section IX
All Werewolves shall accept all other Werewolves, without requiring that they undergo the Rite again. Any marks or scars of a Vampiric Rape shall be accepted, with the mark or scar as the Ascension Mark, if the victim so choose.

Section X
No Werewolf shall EVER use any sort of illicit drugs, and shall refrain of any legal drugs (†) as much as possible.

---† Werewolf Tobias note: I believe this section does not apply to over-the-counter drugs (such as aspirin), nor drugs critically necessary to live (such as anti-biotics). Moreover, abuse, overuse, and lack of use of these drugs leads to the so-called "super viruses" (including a particularly cute strain that EATS Penicillin).

Section XI
All Werewolves shall, to the best of their ability, work within the laws of their lands, while not revealing the existence of their Pack.

Section XII
All Werewolves shall, to the best of their ability, protect Humans and the weak.

Section XIII
No Werewolf shall join in any criminal undertaking, nor join in any criminal organization.

Section XIV
No Werewolf shall shirk any Human duty required of them.

Section XV
All Werewolves shall prepare themselves for the day they when they must defend mankind against the Darkness, and pray it never comes.

Section XVI
All Werewolves shall keep at least 1 Dog, in good health and well fed.

Section XVII
NO Werewolf shall suffer a Vampire rapist (†) to run free.

---† Werewolf Tobias note: A vampire rapist is a vamp who, by force or coercion, takes the blood of another without their expressed consent, or does so without their knowledge. It need not include forcible sex.

Section XVIII
NO Werewolf shall suffer an evil person to run free.

Section XVIII

Section XIX
No Werewolf shall keep what is not rightfully theirs, if they can return it.

Section XX
No Werewolf Pack may permit any member of their Pack to violate any section of this Code, except as immediately necessary to protect the Pack. 1

Section XXI
No Werewolf shall ever Betray their Brethren, nor their nation. (This is SPECIFICALLY for 'Inter-net Were's', who sometimes think maybe certain Human laws do not apply to them.)

Section XXII
No Werewolf shall ever the laws of their lands, except as necessary to protect the LIFE of themselves or others. (Again, this is SPECIFICALLY for 'Inter-net Were's'. COMMON SENSE tells us this is obvious; However, a distinct LACK of common sense is EXACTLY why the Pact became necessary.)

This is directly from my Father's website. The code in which he showed.

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