An unwanted allies for me. Humans will never understand us, or what we do. They are a very curious or closed minded race. How they treat us I consider racist. The funny thing is that we protect their woorthless Human race, and without so much as a thanks. I think personally that we should be praised for all that we do, but we can't think so much of them. They aren't that sharp sometimes. (A little tid-bit for you, you must capitalize the H in Human for they are "sacred" and it's the NAME of their race. Though they don't always capitalize Werewolves do they?) If we are to do as we are suppose to we must never "harm" them. Now if a Human was coming to do harm to you, I give you full permission to kick them in the balls. Ok, I'm serious again. We can't deliberately go off and kill a Human, they have to be THREATING your life or harming you physically to the point where you have to make them stop. Ex. A Human points a gun to your head, some how you're fighting for the gun. You shoot him on accident, or impulse. I'd say that would boarder line ok. You had to protect yourself, but mutilating the body is bad! Call 911, tell what happened. Don't shoot him again if he's still living. I feel two faced because I'd shoot him again, but no! That's bad. As I said before they are my unwanted allies (unwanted because, damn it! They're stupid. How would it be if spiderman had to look after a Human 2 year old while saving the city? It wouldn't work. You get it?) Yet, we need them. For a war that I've heard from one of my special friends. Love him, he's my best pack member/friend. That's saying a lot because I only have 2 best pack member/friends.  The rest are only friends, that's not the point. We'd be better off befriending the Humans. Not that we're ass kissers. I'm not saying to go off and find every Human and say "Hi, your my friend because Light said so, and it's the right thing to do." No. We are only to befriend well people you like, or those who need you. DON'T BE AN ASSKISSER



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