I have the worst attitude to them. Not enough to go on a killing rampage, but enough to curse one out. Where do they get the idea that they can act like us, and pretend to know all we know? And where in the hell do all of them get those weird as costums? And toy animals are ok for GIRLS, not boy furries. What in the hell do you do with all those toys? Why collect them, but who am I to judge? But what bugs me is that they think they know so much.  We know more than they do and all those dumbass facts can be shuved up a dunky's ass like their heads.  Where the hell did they get the idea they can become a werewolf by wearing the skin of a wolf? That's murder if not anything else! It's not going to change that you ARE still a Human. If you have a wolfen soul then it can easily be awakened, but if you want to be a werewolf and fall to these stories about drinking from a river that a wolf once drank from, you're a Furry. A werewolf can sniff out a single Furry out of 4 otherkin. It's not that hard. Furries, get the Hell away from me, I don't like you. You think you know but you really don't. I hope I've astablished I don't like you, and I'm dissing you. They are Human and will forever be Human. And I have no right to call you a Furrfag. That's mean. Sorry. Gripe at me then. I don't care. Get a dog or something. He'll keep you company.  Look gripe up if you don't know the whole meaning. Gripe is not just a stomache pain. Damn it! Don't be a jackass, look it up!

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