Nothing just happens, there are events that lead up to what ever happened. A habit that I am not proud of is biting. It was championed by my brothers, but by biting I was breaking the Code. It first started with a misplaced growl at a Human. I quickly covered my mouth, as I realize the growl slipped. Seeing the fear in the Human championed me. I began to growl more often. Which was a sign looking back at it. Then a snipped a Human. A little nibble was all. It soon became a short bite. Bite and run type of thing. I got braver and began to lock my jaws. I'd be brave enough to bite my teachers, friend, any Human that dared to get in biting distance. You understand how it escalated don't you? Now breaking the habit is never as easy as starting it. Moral- DO NOT BITE YOUR FRIENDS. 1) it's against our rules. 2) it's illegal (hehe no it's not.) Ask a friend you trust to help you break the habit.

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