I don't have a true problem with them. No, nothing major. I don't question their life, because who am I to question? I only give the facts and my stories of life to help more understanding.

As I understand it myself, a Therian is an animal trapped in a  Hauman body. To me it sounds like a punishment, but I can see how it's also a blessing. You have a longer life spand as a Human, but more pain as a Human. Also I hear that their soul is half the animal that they awaken to be. I've known a Therian Bear, Wolf, and a Rat. Sounds funny, but she does act like a Rat. Stealthy and quick. Kind of chubby. Any who, Therians most often than not share their personality with the animal that occupies the body or shares it.

As I have heard from my friends, they say that their souls can not seporate. They are aport of each other for ever more. If one was to be seporated they'd both die. They maybe able to mentally shift. I don't know much about that. A suppose it is the same as a Were's mental shift.

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