As I do remember it. About when I was 12 about to be 13. A met a boy as I wondered aimlessly through the forest. It was by chance that I met a boy in a clearing that night. He had these eyes that wasn't normal for his skin tone. A beautiful iced blue. They seemed to shock me into submission. He gave a smile that made me feel less timid. He held out his hand and I got a glimpse of what was on his hand.  A Pentagram. I thought he was a weilder. Someone good and trust worthy. I came to him slowly. I smiled, and felt like he would protect me. I spoke first, "My name is Innocence, might you tell me your's?" a very proper child I was when I was younger. "My birth name is Wren." he answered me. "A small song bird." I giggled a bit. He smirked a bit. "Your age? I am 13." it was good edict to answer the question before letting the other answer so they do not feel shy. Like trading secrets. I looked down to realize I was standing ON his pentagram. I felt disrespectful. I backed away. "No, it's ok. You harmed nothing. I was but finishing up here." "I am 12 years of age." I jumped back to his first question. "The youngest of your pack?" his question scared me. "Pack?" I asked him stepping back. "I'm sorry, family?" I realized I was indeed talking to my own kind. What a small world. "I do belong to a pack." I said shyly. "I thought you were. I could have guessed when seeing those eyes of your's" he stroked my hair. He whiped the dirt from my face. "Sit." he told me. I sat next to him understanding I was taking a gamble. If he was but a Furry I'd be in trouble if I told him anything of my pack. If he was a Hunter. "You see Leo?" he asked me. The stars obviously. "Leo?" I looked curiously into his eyes. My hazel conecting to his blue. "Lion." he whispered. "Where?" he traced it with his fingure. I still didn't see it. He pulled my head closer to his. "You see it now?" he asked. I blushed. "That I do." "The moon is a crescent tonight." I say. "Would you like to howl to her?" he asked. As he said we howled to her. "Would you like to meet my pack?" he asked me. "I can not, my pack must approve of you first." he seemed to search the ground. "Ok, I understand." he said. "I'll speak with you again?" I asked him. "Yes Youngest. Anytime you wish it." he smirked. "I wish it tomorrow, please." I tried to stay still though I was very anxious. "Ok, I promise it Youngest." at that moment I realized he had named me Youngest. The next time we met I began to know him better. We met secretly until my father began to realize I was missing more often than not. He noticed I was becoming sleepy by day, and gone by night. He soon began to sniff me out. Closer and closer did he come to Wren and my hiding spot. Soon he found us, at the worst possible moment. Wren and I were embracing each other as to say goodbye. "Innocence." I remember his thunderous growl. It made Wren jump in fear. It made me cower. "How dare you. He is a black magic wielder Innocence." he came to me in a way that claimed respect from us both. At that second did Wren realizee who he was dealing with. The Alpha of my pack. "Why do you think that?" I challenged him without really challenging him. "On his hand. The star is upside down Innocence." he looked to the ground. "You are?" I remember being heart broken. "I have no place to challenge the alpha." he said. "You don't do you?" my father was stating his being. Him being an alpha he was using his power to frighten him. "Go home." father told me. I did as I was told. The next night I wasn't allowed out, but as fate would have it. Wren came to me. He climbed the tree right outside my window seeing as I lived in the woods. "You are disobediant." I smiled. "May I come in?" "At your own risk." I helped him through my window. I felt excited, but scared. What if my father found him,or felt his energy. He is a dark magic wielder. "I just had to see you again. I am still curious about you." he said. "I am but a 12 year old." I say. "I would never harm you. Never would I even think of that." he said in a whisper. "I only wished to see you once before I go to sleep." I remember how he looked at me. "I have no sanctuary like you do. I can't possibly claim shelter behind my pack like you can. I am left alone." he sat down on my bed. "You don't have to be." I sat next to him. "You're right." he looked deeply into my eyes. He gently kissed my lips. I ripped away for I was frightened. "Never would I rape you." he whispered. "I realize." I said. "I'll return to you a few years from now. All I want is your love. I promise." he whispered. He pushed his forehead on to mine. "If that's all then why are you leaving? Where are you going?" I asked him. "That's not a question I can answer." he said. "Why." I lay my head on his chest. "Because." he gave me a very immature answer. "I promise on my very own grave that I will return to you." "You swear on your life?" a foolish question I realize. I started to take it back when he said, "I swear on my life." Yet I never saw him again. I hope that I may. That black magic wielder, as long as he keeps his promise not to harm me, I'll love him forever. As long as he lives I know hewill keep his promise.

 Anotherr story that I'd like to share. My brother, he has always been a trooper. A little warrior from day one, as my father would say. My brother , Lupine, he takes me for a wolk in the woods. He's checking his snare traps. That bastard knew they we illegal, but did it anyways. We found that one rabbit wasn't dead. I asked him what he'd do with it? I hoped he say let it go. He said, and I remember, "Well little sister, hold your ears and close your eyes." I said I was old enough to know what he did. In case I was to ever have to do the same. He kneeled down next to it. Whispered words to it, "Your journey is almost over." then snapped the head. I was dramatized.

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